Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing, emphasizing the need to reinvent psychotherapy and psychiatry because nature and the human-nature relationship matters.  Ecotherapy recognizes the negative impact to our health when we continuously live separate from how our species evolved, and encourages people to approach and cultivate a respectful relationship with nature and other living species. Texas writer and naturalist, John Graves, argued, "We will nearly be finished, I think, when we stop understanding the old pull toward green things and living things." 

Our office is located across the street from Pease Park, which has mature trees, shade, green spaces, and walking trails. With client consent, we can venture outdoors to experience therapy differently and hopefully change up the sometimes stagnant nature of being inside the office. Practicing ecotherapy may involve any of the following: integrating outdoor time into our session; providing plants and nature-based artwork in the office; the presence of a therapy dog in sessions;  encouraging clients to seek out nature-based activities on their own time; reinforcing the healing power of spending time in nature; aiding clients in discovering and or re-approaching natural surroundings; encouraging, educating, and/or supporting clients who desire to develop sustainable practices that aid in preserving natural environments and the species that live in them.